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Nuula is a mobile application that gives small business owners instant access to critical business metrics anytime, anywhere.

It allows real-time monitoring of cash flow, personal and business credit activity, and social ratings and reviews. Small business owners know immediately if there’s an issue with their cash, credit, or reputation that requires action.

With Nuula, the things that matter most to a small business’s success are always at their fingertips.



Nuula app

Cash Flow Health: Avoid cash shortfalls with a simplified view of your cash flow across multiple accounts.

Business Credit Health: Stay on top of your business credit activity and score, with alerts to any changes and clear explanations of activity.

Personal Credit Health: Monitor your personal credit score and activity, which can have as much impact on your business as your Business Credit Score.

Social Health: Know what customers are saying about your business across multiple platforms, and act on negative reviews right away.

Nuula Insights: Curated content that drives small business performance from top news sources.


Companies that integrate with the company

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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