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Nordis Technologies

Nordis Technologies is a leader and innovator in providing technology solutions to solve customer communications management and payment challenges. With Nordis’ patent-pending, cloud-based Expresso application and product suite, businesses can quickly and efficiently create and manage critical print and digital communications and payments. Nordis delivers an end-to-end solution, with state-of-the-art lettershop and direct mail services to produce and deliver documents.

Nordis Technologies
  • Customer Communications Management – populate your own content library with text, logos, images and more. Develop document templates for all of your communication programs, enhancing control of your brand identity. Upload a single data file and dynamically merge all the elements to customize and personalize each letter or email, welcome kit, statement or marketing piece.
  • Omnichannel Delivery – agile and scalable platform is a perfect fit for handling omnichannel paper and electronic billing and payments and regulatory and financial communications for hundreds or thousands of brands and companies and their millions of accounts across the country;
  • Automated Certified Mail – makes sending sensitive documents and confirming proof of receipt fast and easy, plus saves money;
  • Print & Mail – high-speed, dynamic variable color printing for the same cost as black-and-white, laser printing and data processing. Fully redundant and secure plants also give clients peace of mind that nothing will disrupt their mailings.
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments – add valuable digital consumer services and accept payments online, via mobile devices and by phone. It integrates seamlessly with Expresso®, creating a digital wallet capability so consumers and patients can view all of their statements online and manage payments;
  • HOA Election Services – lets offer to the business owners choice and convenience, starting with digital and print communications options for how they receive election news and voting instructions. It also facilitates owner participation with online voting as well as more traditional in-person and mailed proxies and ballots.
Nordis Technologies

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Nordis Technologies

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