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Nodus Technologies

Nodus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic payment, e-commerce and business process automation software for small and mid-size companies for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Known for superior integration and flexibility of solutions, Nodus enables businesses to integrate Electronic Payment Processing, E-Commerce, Online Bill Pay, Point-of-Sale, CRM and Web-Based Sale Order Entry with multiple banks, processors and back office environments.

Nodus Technologies
  • ERP & CRM Payment Processing – integrated credit card, ACH/eCheck and alternative payment processing
  • Online Bill Pay – customer-facing online bill & recurring payment portal with invoice presentment
  • Developer Tools – easy-to-use-APIs to support payment processing integrations
  • Ecommerce – B2B and B2C integrated web store
  • Paylink – 24/7 customer-facing payment links
  • Cloud Based Payments – PCI-DSS cloud based payment solutions
Nodus Technologies

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Nodus Technologies

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