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Neocova frees community financial institutions from the frustrations of outdated core providers by offering modern, secure and affordable technology– without constrictive contracts and fees. With a cloud-first, AI-driven enterprise platform, Fineuron is designed to support the latest banking requirements and runs parallel to the existing core.

  • Fineuron
    Fineuron is a fully secure, cloud-native and open API enterprise technology platform — designed to support modern banking requirements — that can run in parallel to a financial institution’s main core.
  • Spotlight AI
    Spotlight AI is a best-in-class analytics tool that allows financial institutions to unlock the value of their data through intuitive and actionable data visualizations, reports and models that anticipate actions based on customer behaviors.
  • Groundswell AI
    Groundswell AI optimizes your BSA/AML function to improve detection and classification of BSA/AML cases, decrease case time and reduce the cost of the BSA/AML process.
  • Ambios
    Ambios liberates your institution from managing complex processes, systems and contracts with a better, more flexible and more affordable core banking system that is cloud-native, modular and built on open APIs.
  • Daybreak
    Daybreak is an advanced business intelligence tool that allows institutions to make better decisions by putting key financial and operating metrics from across the banking sector at their fingertips through an out-of-the box analytics and executive dashboarding solution.

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