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MemberMouse is an enterprise-level membership platform that allows you to quickly and easily manage a membership site or subscription business. MemberMouse is designed to deliver digital content, automate customer self-service and provide you with advanced marketing tools to maximize the profitability of your recurring revenue business.

  • Sell Products – MemberMouse makes it easy to sell any kind of product on your site, from memberships to physical goods
  • Protect Content – protect member-only content with a variety of access controls. Membership levels and bundles give the flexibility needed to protect just about anything
  • Manage Members – member management is built into the core of MemberMouse. Company also gives CRM tools to track member info, activity, transaction history and other metrics
  • Automation – automate member engagement, support and marketing with tools and integrations
  • Reporting & Analytic – MemberMouse offers robust reporting tools that help calculate sales, customer lifetime value, churn/retention, and more. Embrace a data-drive approach with the right metrics at fingertips

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Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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