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makeba money

Makeba is a payment platform for companies and individuals to make payments and money transfers, quickly and safely, at low cost. Clients can send money to anyone they know with a Makeba account in the USA or Cape Verde. If the person does not yet have a Makeba account, invite them using referral code and earn credit with Makeba!

  • Money Transfer – send and receive money between Makeba accounts in seconds directly from phone.
  • Payments – pay in stores, take care of bills, shop online and more.
  • Airtime – buy airtime for any Cabo Verdean Unitel T+ and CV Móvel number.
  • Cash – withdraw and deposit cash at local businesses and banks in Cabo Verde
  • DUC – easily make a DUC payment
  • Secure Messaging – safely chat and share with friends and family for free.
  • Safe Transactions – Makeba transactions are encrypted and the money in account is insured.
  • Face ID/Touch ID – quickly sign in with Face ID or Touch ID on available devices
  • Free to Join – it’s free to receive money and make payments with Makeba

Companies that integrate with Makeba

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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