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LiftForward provides corporations with payment solutions that power subscription services, membership programs and Hardware as a Service. LiftForward’s payment solutions include digital lead generation, point-of sale software, white labelled e-commerce platforms, inventory management, shipping, customer account management and real-time customer analytics reporting. LiftForward also supplies the financing, providing a total end-to-end solution. LiftForward’s Hardware as a Service is becoming the sought after method of selling equipment and capital items of all types. LiftForward’s software and services powers Microsoft’s Surface Membership which allows businesses to pay monthly fees in exchange for a bundle of equipment, software, warranties, training and accessories.

  • Cyberpower Level Up! On-demand Subscription Program
  • Maingear Edge Program
  • Gigabyte Refresh Program
  • Puget Systems Refresh Program
  • Simplynuc Device-as-a-Service Program
  • Shuttle Upgrade Program
  • HTC Live Membership
  • Microsoft Surface All Access for Business
  • XBox All Access
  • HP Small Business Essentials

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Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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