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LendingStandard provides a collaborative platform to drastically improve a lender’s ability to acquire, process, and fund a complex commercial loan transaction. Their LendingStandard service allows banks to provide the differentiation they need to set them apart from the bank next door and also provide better service to their business customers with technology. They provide an easy up-front application that can be shared with the business owner, their controller, accountant, partners, or anyone that needs or can provide the information to start the decision process a bank needs for a commercial loan.



  • “One single source of truth”
  • Seamless transition of due diligence data from originator to underwriter
  • Sizer support for Fannie and Freddie
  • Updated to meet loan program standards

Document Assembly

  • Previous data entry updates are systematically extracted to produce high quality narrative documents and other required forms
  • Solution repopulates and organizes data
  • Facilitates quicker loan committee approval

Underwriter checklist

  • Keep all parties up to date on critical activities
  • Realtime view of all checklist updates from staff members and third parties
  • Single view of all checklist status, due dates and expiration dates

Document Portal

  • Efficiently share documents on a single platform
  • Reduce email and attachments
  • Eliminate redundant requests
  • Quickly view status updates
  • Directly upload requested items
  • Use the portal for vendor access

Dashboard and Reporting

  • Client pipeline management reporting tools improve accuracy for making strategic business operating decisions
  • Transparency for all stages of the loan from beginning to end
  • Real time data updates to ensure critical dates for third party reports and other life cycle events are not missed
  • Increase deal counts per employee

Firm Submissions

  • Automated firm submission packages
  • Save days of effort per loan with accurate, consistent and expedient assembly of final submission documents
  • 2 days becomes 2 hours

Companies that integrate with LendingStandard

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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