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Leios provides a cross-border funds transfer network via gateway & exchange orchestration, with white-label apps & integrated RegTech. The system allows for the sending & conversion of traditional fiat currencies via a blockchain-based backend, providing simplified & secure global remittances at the lowest rates available across the top cross-border funds transfer services. Leios will soon host crypto on-boarding and international payroll applications via this same network of fund transfer & exchange services.

  • Cross-Service Orchestratio – Leios orchestrates between different services in order to create unique pathways to find the absolute best rates for starting and ending locations.
  • Compliance Tools – Leios aids in regulatory compliance through its regtech tools, which automate record keeping, reporting, and disclosures.
  • Lightning Network for Enterprises – Leios is developing channels with its partners for Lightning Network transfers, making transactions instant and nearly free.
  • International Payroll – Leios is creating software to allow the same orchestration services to send and track payroll for international employees and contractors.

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