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Koupah is what we like to call a Point of Social Platform, which connects retailers with their customers to form better relationships and ultimately increase customer loyalty. The customer’s experience is a quick and simple checkout with a personal touch. The user simply taps or scans their phone against the Koupah and automatically their loyalty card is punched, coupons are redeemed and receipt is emailed. The cashier is able to greet that customer by name, offer the customer their usual, and check on previous orders, all looping back to building better relationships. Additionally, Koupah can completely eliminate credit card fees for the retailer. Since Koupah marries Social Media with Point of Sale we are able to allow brands, agencies and local businesses to reach their targeted and highly valued demographics by delivering personalized advertising on the customer’s receipt. The advertising fees we then receive are applied to subsidize or even eliminate the credit card processing fee from AMEX, Visa, MC or Discover, putting these funds back into the pocket of the retailer.

  • Point of Social – retailers can build relationships with their customers and connect with them on a deeper level.
  • No Credit Card Fees – by implementing Social features, brands, agencies and businesses can eliminate credit card fees through targeted based advertising.
  • Quick & Simple – customers can walk into store, tap their phone, have their coupon redeemed automatically and their loyalty card punched.
  • Go Mobile – enhance the experience and build greater connections by using the Koupah Mobile App.

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