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iQuantifi is an award winning innovative fintech company that empowers financial institutions to reach the mass market, gain deep customer insight and lower costs through intelligent technologies.

iQuantifi helps institutions:

  • Generate highly qualified product leads
  • Drive more revenue per customer
  • Better understand customer needs
  • Provide a more engaging digital experience
  • Improve customer retention and brand loyalty
  • Enable consistency and streamlined compliance
  • Scale to reach the mass market
  • Offer omni-channel capabilities
  • Provide more relevant content.


iQuantifi’s RoboPlanner® software platform is a goal-based forward-looking decision engine that is the future of financial services. Our software platform generates highly qualified product leads of up to 22 of the institution’s financial products across 4 main product groups: Investments, Insurance, Deposit Accounts and Loans. Engaging the institution’s customers with their financial goals, make the leads contextual leading to increased conversion rates and higher revenue.

iQuantifi’s Core engine provides institutions with artificial intelligence software that engage customers with their financial goals. The platform utilizes sophisticated business rules and complex algorithms to automatically create and prioritize multiple goals like college and retirement, as well as protections like cash reserves and insurance. This patent pending technology updates in real-time and filters through millions of possibilities to generate cash flow and capital allocations along with detailed product recommendations.

The data and analytics produced by our cognitive digital solution generates predictive insight into customers’ needs, resources, and product purchasing capability. Institutional partners can integrate the full power of this end-to-end system to give them a distinctive edge in a competitive landscape, or choose pieces of iQuantifi’s technology platform that can seamlessly integrate with their current systems.


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Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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