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Invoice Cloud

We provide Trusted, Secure E-Payments and the highest adopting Electronic Bill Presentment with Payment (EBPP) Solutions. Invoice Cloud is a high growth company with over 25,000 clients in all 50 states in the USA. This growth is attributable to best of breed EBPP service features, which include: Electronic Bill Presentment, which helps clients save money through paper suppression; Online Payment, which reduces labor and other costs, increases convenience to Customers and improves collections; the Customer Communications engine, which shifts customer calls and visits to web based self-service – while driving adoption through the roof; and Client Reconciliation & Reporting which is matchless in the industry.

  • Pay Bills
  • Pay On Site
  • Pay for a Service
  • Payments from Online Banking
  • Pay without an Invoice
  • Payments made by Paper Check

Customer Facing Portal:

  • Branded to match the host website
  • View 24 months of billing and payment history
  • Link multiple accounts and bill types together for easy payment in one place
  • One-time and recurring payment options
  • Account creation
  • Opt-in paperless billing options

Backend Admin Portal:

  • Permissions-based accounts for all types of roles
  • Date-range reporting for customer payments
  • Email tracking
  • Scheduled payment reports
  • Paper suppression history
  • Easy, “to the penny” reconciliation
  • Full control over email communications engine and content
  • Full control over e-payment batches and reporting

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Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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