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InterCambio Express

InterCambio Express have developed an expertise in the money transmitter business through hard work and by treating all of customers with the consideration they deserve. InterCambio Express main goal is to grow and become better every day. They work towards these goals with great effort, talent and a willingness to learn. InterCambio Express provides with excellent service, low transfer fees, and competitive exchange rates that can give more money for dollar when wiring food money to relatives back home.

InterCambio Express
  • Send Money – send money to more than 19 countries through website, app, and 1,700 agent locations;
  • Pay Bills – take the hassle out of paying bills by finding an agent location near (which shouldn’t be difficult, since we have a comprehensive network). From there, client can pay bills for water, power, gas, telephone, internet, or cable tv at the most common providers: Telmex, CFE, InfoNavit, and Sky;
  • Top-up Phones – make a quick stop at one of 1,700 agent locations to top-up mobile phone account;
  • Pinless Calls – stay connected with friends and family through pinless call service. Visit one of agent locations to purchase minutes for home and mobile phones. With InterCambio
  • Express, customer receive the actual number of minutes offered, calls do not get disconnected, and client have access to the best voice quality around. There are no connection fees, no PIN, and the minutes never expire.
InterCambio Express

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InterCambio Express

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