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At Inclusiv, we believe that true financial inclusion and empowerment is a fundamental right. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to closing the gaps and removing barriers in financial opportunities for distressed and underserved communities. We face these challenges head-on by providing capital, making connections, and developing innovative products and services for community development credit unions – and working to transform local progress into lasting change at the national level.

Inclusiv develops and delivers innovative products focused on low-income consumers, fosters strategic partnerships, identifies best practices and lessons for serving underserved communities, and provides education and training to CDCU leaders.

Inclusiv builds CDCUs’ capacity to serve low-income communities through technical assistance, webinars, practical tools and guides to support their growth and service to low-income communities.

Inclusiv’s Inclusiv/Capital invests in member CDCUs to strengthen their financial position and expand their impact on the low-income communities they serve. Inclusiv investments are designed to help CDCUs to offer innovative and responsible loan products and help consumers to protect and build assets.

Inclusiv advocates with government agencies, regulators and lawmakers for policies and programs that promote the safety and soundness of credit unions while allowing them to grow and promote the financial inclusion of low-income communities.

  • Preserving Minority Credit Unions
  • Technical Assistance
  • Inclusiv/Network Consulting Services
  • CDFI Support
  • Advocating


  • Secondary Capital
  • Southern Equity Fund
  • Inclusiv/Mortgage
  • Deposits

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