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Horizon Software International LLC

Their software ensures compliance with government regulations, offers flexibility and program accountability, and provides meaningful data that can be used to make informed business decisions. From their point of sale and food service management software to their online payment and registration system, they use the latest available tools to develop the functionality necessary to solve their customers’ complex business needs, while prioritizing ease of use for front-line employees.

Horizon Software
  • Point of Sale – An easy-to-use system is essential to an efficient lunchroom and meeting your participation goals
  • Student Eligibility – free and reduced meal application system processes applications and updates at the point of sale within minutes, allowing you to maximize reimbursement dollar
  • Online Payments – simplify meal payments and eligibility applications with a system so intuitive, parents rarely need to contact the central office
  • Healthy Vending – add point-of-service lines without adding cashiers.
  • Menu Planning and Nutritional Analysis – simplify the overwhelming task of creating menus to meet USDA requirements, stay within budget, and satisfy students
  • Inventory Management – streamline the ordering process with mobile inventory scanning, real-time updates, and direct integration with Sysco, GFS, and US Foods
  • Business Analytics – monitor the performance of operation with at-a- glance dashboard and comprehensive reports. Data analysis allows to get more out of data to inform strategic decisions that run business
  • Warehouse and Central Kitchen – take control of procurement process and accurately track everything from receiving to order consolidation, fulfillment, and shipping
Horizon Software

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Horizon Software

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