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Gravity Payments

Gravity Payments is a credit card payment processing company that features lower costs, transparent, and services for community business owners. The values of the company are creative leadership, passion for progress, and responsibilities. The company offers its users with a wide range of credit card processing services and payment solutions such as credit card processing, POS systems, mobile payments, working capital financing, gift and loyalty cards, and analytics. It offers services for e-commerce businesses such as integration of POS hardware, software, and mobile payment processing, IPG solutions, hosted payment acceptance forms, card-not-present transactions, process mail and telephone orders, and PCI compliance. They integrate mobile devices with POS software that allows its users to accept credit card payments through iPhones, iPads, tablets, and other mobile devices. Its branded gift cards help increase sales by introducing new customers to its users’ businesses. Loyalty cards increase sales by rewarding customers and incentivizing repeat visits. Business analytics allows its users to see customer data to gain insight about them.

Gravity Payments
  • Credit & Debit Card Processing – transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and a customer service team
  • Process online payments with e-commerce solutions – client can easily integrate with almost any online payment platform by taking advantage of library of APIs and other developer tools
  • Payments on-the-go with mobile credit card processing – whether client wants to take credit cards by iPhone, iPad, tablet, or any other mobile device, company will find a solution that accommodates the business
  • Point of Sale – accept credit cards, run business, and engage customers – all within your point-of-sale system
  • Automate payments with invoicing & recurring billing – ecurring billing is great for all sorts of business types who want to provide easy and secure ongoing payments for their customers on a periodic basis
  • Reward customers with gift & loyalty programs – build awareness and incentivize new and returning customers through gift and loyalty programs.
Gravity Payments

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Gravity Payments

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