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Giant Oak

Giant Oak combines behavioral science, computer science, and deep domain expertise to make screening and continuous vetting easy. Led by a team of social scientists, machine learning experts, and security professionals, the company provides GOST, a platform that provides custom searches the deep web to reveal and rank otherwise-hidden actions, actors, and communities. GOST’s human-centered design principles apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to publicly available information enabling organizations to see a clearer picture of the people and companies with whom they transact. Government, financial and regulatory organizations, and national security agencies use GOST to comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes, reduce false negatives, increase data confidence, and enable smarter and easier screening and continuous vetting.

Giant Oak

GOST® (Giant Oak Search Technology):

  • Screening made easy – screen thousands of people in a matter of minutes and retrieve the highest quality results available on the Internet;
  • Continuous threat evaluation – continuously monitor changes in pattern-of-life behavior over time to detect emerging threat;
  • Prioritized, ranked results – enables team to focus first on targets whose behavior pose high decision risk;
  • Effective & efficient remediation – team spends time making informed decisions with confidence in less time. No more wading through large batches of unnecessary false positive alerts;
  • Exploits publicly available information – makes sense of the internet’s data deluge and exploits publicly available information to show only the relevant results;
  • Custom domain search – using machine learning and augmented intelligence we create custom domains based on customer needs.
Giant Oak

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Giant Oak

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