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Our services include strategies that offer financial predictability and stability both on the pensions consulting and investment side and we provide clients with turnkey pension fund solutions, best in class asset allocation and manager selection services, in addition to highly efficient pension administration systems and processes.

More than fifteen thousand employees receive their pensions through our state of the art systems. Increased risk in the financial markets leaves investment portfolios exposed.

Gabler has been a pioneer in assisting endowments and pension funds in Norway to manage and mitigate risk. We create value for our clients by helping them to better understand and manage all relevant aspects of operational, investment and liability related risks in their portfolios.

Our clients have invested close to USD 10bn with specialist fund managers across fixed income, equities and real estate; investment managers we believe to be great investors.


Pensions: administration, advice, accounting.


Actuary and risk management: actuarial function and actuarial services, advice, statutory reporting,
reporting to boards and management.


Salary disbursement.

Pension disbursements.

Year-end closing of the accounts.



Company establishment, changes or wind-down.

Business management.

Captive management: insurance administration.

Finances and accounting.



Companies that integrate with the company

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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