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Extend is an innovative digital credit card distribution platform for banks, fintechs, businesses, and their customers, that redefines how credit cards are issued. A certified Visa and MasterCard partner, Extend seamlessly integrates with legacy bank issuing systems to enable modern virtual credit card features and distribution capabilities.

Extend offers both a virtual credit card distribution app ( for business customers that want to instantly equip anyone with a secure mean of payments, and a suite of APIs for fintechs to leverage virtual credit cards to enhance their products, enable commerce at POS, and streamline payment operations.


Extend App key features:

  • Request / Send—Let employees and contractors request virtual credit cards as needed. Instantly approve from your computer or mobile device. Or, send them cards directly.
  • Set / Modify—Set spend controls on cards. Easily modify settings or cancel cards with a single swipe.
  • Data integration—Tag transactions with data such as cost centers and project codes for better reporting and reconciliation.
  • Maximize incentives—Earn more cash back or points without handing over your credit card.

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