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ExamOne is people
Dedicated people who understand that behind every paramedical exam and laboratory result there is a person making an important decision for their family’s future. That kind of decision deserves our utmost attention.

Our value-added services are designed to make the underwriting process quick and convenient for applicants, agents and home office personnel. With customized statistical reports, an electronic voice response system and a team of solution experts dedicated to solving your business’s challenges, we are focused on helping underwriters achieve maximum efficiency.

We also produce publications, provide educational speakers and offer a Medical Information Line, which gives our clients quick answers to their medical and technical questions. Our superior staff, cutting-edge technology and stringent quality-control programs facilitate our continued commitment to quality and innovation.

The integration built into our products and services allows you the convenience of dealing with just One provider for all of your underwriting needs.


Improving Applicant Experience:

  • Health History Collections
  • Online Laboratory Results
  • Paramedical Exams

Reducing Cycle Time:

  • HealthPiQture™
  • Medical Records
  • FraudCheck™ Plus
  • LabPiQture™
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Online Ordering
  • ScheduleNow™
  • ScriptCheck®
  • Superior Solutions

Precision Underwriting:

  • Laboratory Testing
  • Analytics
  • International Testing
  • My Stats
  • Risk IQ™


  • Clinical Research & Academic Studies
  • Healthcare
  • Employer Health Services


  • Mobile Phlebotomy
  • Call Center
  • Temperature checks

Life Insurance Applicants:

  • Applicant Survey
  • Obtain My Results
  • Prepare For My Exam

Companies that integrate with ExamOne

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

SmartOffice Ebix
SmartOffice | Ebix
SmartOffice is trusted across the financial services industry to help improve marketing efforts, provide valuable reporting capabilities that drive better business decisions, and create a customer-centric environment that helps increase sales revenue.

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