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Even Responsible Finance

Over half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Even is trying to fix that, by building new financial services that make it easier to make ends meet, pay down debt, and save money. And they’re doing it as a transparent, straightforward business that only profits when theit customers do, too. They partner with employers to offer Even as a benefit. Employers offer Even to their people; in return, employers save money because Even improves employee retention.

Even Responsible Finance
  • Get paid on demand – with Instapay, employees can access their earned wages when they’re short on cash. Instapay is available at no additional cost to Even members, and is significantly less expensive than overdrafts, credit cards, and payday loans. In fact, Even members have saved over $100M in fees and interest associated with credit, overdrafts, and loans.
  • Shift & pay tracking – Even removes stressful ambiguity around managing schedules, timesheets, and paychecks. The app provides a fast way for employees to check their next shifts and glance at their current earnings. Through our Earn tab, employees can see how much they’ve earned so far, and what their next paycheck will amount to.
  • Proven savings tools – Even paves the way to financial wellness with an easy, achievable way to save money. Employees set a savings goal, and a percentage of each paycheck they’d like to save towards that goal. Then every payday, the app calculates how much money to take out of the employee’s bank account and moves the savings into a separate bank account managed by Even.
  • Smart spending assistant – Even creates a number that’s better than a bank balance, because it takes the whole picture into account. We take the total dollar amount of upcoming bills, and subtract it from the employee’s bank balance—no mental math or guessing required.
  • Plan for bills – Most bills are due once a month, and traditional budgeting works on a monthly basis, too. But employees tend to form their budgets around paychecks. Even automatically finds and surfaces the bills becoming due during the current pay period, and shows the amount needed to cover those bills. This gives employees a clear picture of what they need for bills until their next paycheck arrives, so they can cover their expenses more reliably and with less stress.
Even Responsible Finance

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Even Responsible Finance

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