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ePlata is a multi-currency digital wallet and payment ecosystem empowering the unbanked population through voluntary payroll, government and non-governmental income. A mobile and browser-based solution, ePlata offers the financially underserved access to the digital economy via peer-to-peer transfers, cross-border remittances, bill pay, online and retail transactions and insurance premium payments. ePlata connects the unbanked to each other and the digital economy by freeing their money from intrusive banks, unnecessary fees and geographic borders.



  • Peer-to-Peer Transfers – permit the ability to send money to family and friends in a safe, cost effective and secure manner, free from the customary high fees and hidden costs.
  • Currency Conversions – allow the conversion of funds before they are sent to family and friends, saving customers the time and expense versus brick-and-mortar locations.
  • Cross-Border Remittances – enable expatriates living outside of their country of origin to transfer funds to family and friends, at rates well below traditional and online providers.
  • Cash-In | Cash-Out – capabilities, from 150,000-plus locations across the ePlata network, eliminate the need to pay expensive fees for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Bill Payments – save time making bill payments throughout the 300-plus service providers across the ePlata network easily and conveniently.
  • Debit Card Services – through VISA in the U.S. and MasterCard across the globe allow participation in a rapidly-evolving global economy characterized by virtual purchases and instantaneous transfers.
  • Linked Paycards – offer an additional method of funding ePlata, and connect directly to the digital economy.
  • Sub-Accounts – provide different accounts for different purposes to keep money organized for both future needs and various saving targets.
  • Communication – offers interactive video, voice and text messaging in both mobile and the web.


  • Savings – ePlata saves more money by passing the cost savings directly to customer, regardless if he prefers offline or online options.
  • Convenience – ePlata eliminates long lines and lots of hassle, extending the available hours in day.
  • Extra Income – ePlata stretches the money customer earns, translating into a nearly 6% raise every year.
  • Extra Transfers – ePlata users can make three additional transfers annually, as compared to those using other money transfer services.
  • Functionality – ePlata is the only “all-in-one” e-wallet, consolidating the services of multiple money platforms into a single app.
  • Safety – ePlata equips client with the digital tools that eliminate the need for, and risk of, carrying cash.
  • Cybersecurity – ePlata protects personal data by storing it on highly secure servers and with the latest technologies.
  • Simplicity – ePlata allows to send, spend and convert your money from the luxury of desktop or mobile phone.

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