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What makes EMSI different is that we strive to make things easy for you, no matter what industry you’re in. We cut out the friction — for agents and applicants, study participants and investigators, employees and clients. And for our examiners and collectors. That’s why we’ve deployed a digital workflow to securely gather data, and why we’re focused on delivering a great experience to the people who count on you.

We work to perfect convenient, fast, accurate services every day. It begins with the company-owned iPads used by our phlebotomists and collectors to reach the diverse populations you care about, follow your protocol, and securely scan and send data at the point of collection. It drives the speed and accuracy of our medical record retrieval, call center and data abstraction services. It powers our work to optimize each and every process and strategically integrate our services to reduce cycle time.

Every service we deliver relies on talent empowered by technology, not brick and mortar. It’s all part of an advanced operating platform that will give you on-demand data on our performance, without waiting for email and reports. All so we can easily scale our national network, call center and underwriting teams to deliver the health data you need to protect and improve the lives of the people you serve.


Life Sciences:

  • In-Home Biospecimen Collection
  • Medical Records and Data Abstraction
  • Engaging and Enrolling Participants

Law Firms

  • Record Retrieval

Insurance Services

  • INSIGHTsm Medical Records Summary
  • Life Insurance Exams
  • Medical Record Retrieval
  • Underwriting Solutions
  • Call Center and Application Fulfillment Services
  • Brokerage Solutions
  • Inspection Services

Transportation and Employers

  • Return to Work Testing for Employers
  • Health Screenings
  • Emergency Collections
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Drug Testing Collections

Companies that integrate with EMSI

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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