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Elevate’s online credit solutions provides immediate relief to customers today and helps them build a brighter financial future. They are committed to rewarding borrowers’ good financial behavior with features like lower interest rates, free financial training, and free credit monitoring.


Segment optimized analytics

Credit Scores
  • Customized to customer segment/channel
  • 12th generation scoring model
  • 10,000+ data inputs to model
  • Traditional & machine learning techniques
Fraud Scores
  • Targeted to unique fraud types
  • 2,000+ data inputs to fraud model
  • Machine learning & alternative data
Affordability Assessment
  • Unique to each product
  • Multiple approaches (including debt to income, payments to income and full budgeting)
Instant Decision & Line Offer
  • 95%+ of loan applications fully automated
  • Lines based on direct credit and affordability tests
  • Credit determination made in seconds
Fraud & Verifications
  • Algorithmic verifications
  • Fuzzy matching, cross-transaction fraud detection
  • Pattern matching and link analysis

Companies that integrate with Elevate

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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