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Edquity is an anti-poverty company that helps colleges improve students’ financial security by increasing access to resources and emergency funding. The Edquity platform, which we provide for partners as a white-labeled mobile app and web platform, allows students to apply for and receive emergency cash grants in less than 48 hours and find resources to help them meet their basic needs. Edquity arms institutions with the analytical tools to understand where student’s needs are in real-time and track the efficacy of their institutional initiatives


With Edquity, you can:

  • Distribute emergency aid
    Edquity manages the end-to-end emergency aid process on behalf of partners, from application design and intake to payments initiation.
  • Recommend emergency resources
    Edquity offers an off-the-shelf database of all community-based resources, ensuring students can find timely supports closeby.
  • Monitor basic needs analysis
    Edquity shares real-time ED-compliant reports on the state of your emergency aid program — as well as how students are engaging with your emergency resource ecosystem.

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