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Early Warning

Early Warning is known throughout the financial services industry as a leader in fraud prevention and risk management. They provide our customers with fraud and risk management tools through collaboration and sharing of information within the industry. Early Warning is a limited liability company owned by Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo. Those financial institutions – as well as hundreds of others across the country – exchange information and knowledge to obtain a single view of fraud activity across the enterprise and manage fraud on a cross-institution basis. Early Warning facilitates this secure exchange between these organizations and offers solutions for responding quickly to evolving fraud challenges.

Early Warning
  • Identity Chek® Service – open accounts with confidence by using bank intelligence to validate the customer’s identity and assess the likelihood of first-party fraud or account mismanagement.
  • Identity Chek® Service Alerts – alert identity theft protection subscribers of high-risk activities within their deposit accounts.
  • Account Locator & Asset Search And Verification Service – get a safe, fast and cost-effective way to locate accounts, determine assets and respond to asset inquiries.
  • Electronic Consent-based SSN Verification – verify SSNs electronically with the SSA when opening new accounts by working with Early Warning.
  • Mobile Identity, Status & Authentication – reduce fraud risk and enable passive, frictionless authentication with intelligence from telco, mobile network operators and other trusted third-party sources to authenticate devices and digital interactions.
  • Number Verification – save money, improve the customer experience and help mitigate the risk of TCPA violations by checking phone number status and ownership before making outbound calls.
  • Out-of-Band Authentication – achieve two-factor authentication by sending one-time passcodes, PINs or patterns to customer’s trusted device.
  • Inbound Call Verification – protect against call spoofing by verifying, in real-time, the validity of the phone number and line type calling in to contact center or institution.
  • Fortified OTP – ensure that SMS one-time passcodes land on the intended device and that customers can easily authenticate themselves with the touch of a link from their trusted device.
  • Form-Fill – pre-populate customers’ personal information in website forms to save time, ensure accuracy and improve the user experience.
  • Device IQ – determine the overall health of a device or browser to detect compromises and assess the level of risk.
  • Browser IQ – determine the overall health of a web browser via mobile device, laptop or PC to detect compromises and assess the level of risk.
  • Payment Chek® Service – reduce check and ACH payment losses by receiving high-risk payment notifications and validating account owner authentication in real-time.
  • Deposit Chek® Service – reduce deposit losses by receiving high-risk deposit notifications and checking account owner authentication in real-time.
  • Account Owner Authentication (AOA) – validating account ownership for financial institutions, corporates, and government entities.
  • Zelle® Person-to-Person Payments (P2P) – enable customers to send and receive money with friends, family and others they trust within minutes*.
  • Disbursements With Zelle® – send corporate or government payments to almost anyone in the United States using only the recipient’s email or U.S. mobile number.
  • Zelle® For Small Businesses – for landlords, dog sitters, plumbers and more, Zelle enables small businesses to send and receive money directly from their mobile banking app.
Early Warning

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Early Warning

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