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Discovery Data

Discovery Data provides the most accurate and trusted information on the firms and people essential to the financial services and insurance industries. Our data, analytics, and services create actionable intelligence that enable our clients to more effectively target opportunities and execute go-to-market initiatives.

In the end, revenue is accelerated and business goals are achieved. With an unwavering focus on excellence, we deliver unparalleled results for our clients’ sales, marketing, and recruiting departments.


Discovery Data

MarketPro – Market Intelligence Tool

  • Target, segment, prioritize, and execute go-to-market initiatives in the financial services and insurance industries
  • Access comprehensive profiles on 40,000 BD and RIA firms, 750,000 advisors and key staff, and over 2.3 million insurance agents
  • Generate highly-qualified leads
  • Surface and take advantage of industry trends

MarketSage – Data Insights & Analytics

  • Visualize important trends by tapping into 100 billion historical data points on the firms and professionals in the financial services market
  • Make smarter decisions with our data visualization suite
  • Access actionable dashboards, deep industry insights, and custom research and consulting

MarketLink – Data Cleansing & Integration

  • Receive real-time data updates
  • Automate, customize, and integrate with our API and Feeds
  • Cleanse your existing records, append unique identifiers such as CRD and NPN for easy future maintenance, and populate missing records in your target market
  • Enrich your records for sales and marketing prior to integration with your CRM, data warehouse, or marketing platform

MarketReach – Marketing Services

  • End-to-end management of your go-to-market strategy, execution, and optimization
  • Deliver content through email, white papers, podcasts, and much more
  • Derive actionable intelligence from target segments
Discovery Data

Companies that integrate with Discovery Data

Discovery Data integrates with CRM systems, data warehouses, marketing platforms, and more.

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.


Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the world's #1 CRM solution, reimagined for financial services.
Tolerisk is cloud-based, fiduciary caliber risk tolerance assessment technology for financial planners and investment advisors.
Totum Risk
Totum Risk
Totum Risk is a multi dimensional risk tolerance questionnaire and toolkit that helps financial advisors understand how much risk their clients can comfortably take based on their life situation.

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Discovery Data

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