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Digital Asset

Digital Asset develops distributed ledger technology intended to build distributed, encrypted straight through processing tools. Its technology offer tools for digital ledgers to track and settle digital and mainstream financial assets in a cryptographically secure environment, enabling the financial services industry to improve their efficiency, security, compliance and settlement speed.

Digital Asset
  • DAML – provides everything is needed to develop, test, and ship the ambitious applications client could thought were years away
  • Build Less – a radically simpler architecture allows team to focus on business logic, not boilerplate, delivering more differentiated features to customers faster
  • Ship Faster – write it right the first time and push to production in seconds with a cloud environment custom-built for rapid and innovative DAML applications
  • Win More – leapfrog your competition with a suite of differentiating, modern tools and infrastructure
  • Next Level Language – If it looks different, that’s because it is. DAML applications let you focus on your business logic, are easy to write, easier to change, and are correct the first time
  • Build Beyond — DAML was designed to break with the status quo and let you build innovative applications that exceed your expectations
  • Deploy Anywhere — Design and write your application once and deploy it on any ledger — no vendor lock-in, no onerous contracts, and less up-front development cost.
Digital Asset

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Digital Asset

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