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Diamond Mind

Diamond Mind is the leading provider of digital payment solutions to independent K-12 schools, helping them optimize payment acceptance throughout the entire campus. It helps schools realize reduced cost, minimized risk and an improved payment experience for parents and the business office. Diamond Mind creates cloud-based software solutions across the entire campus for online giving, tuition, admissions, bookstores, summer programs and purchase cards.

Diamond Mind

Payment Processing
Payment data is securely transmitted to Diamond Mind. The transaction authorization request is securely routed through the payment gateway to the payment processor. The payment processor handles authorization and settlement of the payment through the card or ACH network.
Receive faster tuition payments and simplify management while maintaining a direct relationship with your families.
Create customized, branded forms that integrate seamlessly into your school website — and our online payment gateway — in minutes! Accept payments for admissions, fundraising, summer programs, donations, auctions, events, and more.
Families love mobile. Give them the flexibility to pay anytime with MySchoolWallet! With just a few taps, they can make quick, secure payments and donations to your school.
Diamond Mind purchase cards
Empower your school staff and receive automatic cash rebates on all of your purchases, including classroom supplies, travel expenses or utility bills.

Diamond Mind

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Diamond Mind

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