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Daily Systems

Process more customers, and orders far more quickly than if you only had fixed terminals. iAPS is the only sled that includes the MSR, Printer, and optional scanner

Daily Systems
  • Tableside Ordering and Payment
    Positive impact on sales and the productivity of the servers while improving the customer experience.
  • Email or print receipts on-the-spot
    Guests appreciate prompter service and tables can be turned faster
  • Integration with QuickBooks & others
    All data captured is sent to the accounting system and vice versa we offer connectors that enables it to interface with traditional POS systems
  • Affordable. Cloud-based
    Sold as Software as a Service with no upfront license expenses or investment in servers, making it affordable even for small business
  • Integrate gift cards and loyalty program
    allows merchants to reward regulars and use promotions to increase sales.
  • Access to realtime analytics data
    Web-based analytics provides real-time insight to the business performance and can be accessed from a mobile device
  • Product add-on and modifier features
    Manage products attributes, product categories, and add-on
  • Affordable subscription service
    Subscription fee includes maintenance and support as well as all future updates
Daily Systems

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Daily Systems

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