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CreditIQ is white labeled automotive Lending as a Service. They provide a software platform that enables automotive retailers to connect their customers to the appropriate lenders based on their credit with an instant response via API connection.

  • Pencil Perfect Digital Retailing
    CreditIQ has just about the whole world of F&I products and configurations to choose from, so that you can keep your operations in order.


  • Your Lending
    Utilize your lenders, rates, markup, bureaus, and fees.


  • Your Website
    CreditIQ has API and SDK methods to enable your customers to checkout on your terms.

CreditIQ Tools:

  • Basic
    Credit App
    Generate more leads from OCA or VDP

    • Soft-pull and hard-pull enabled
    • Mobile, dynamic front end
    • Generates more leads
  • Online
    Sell your protection products, online

    • Your Products
    • Your Pricing
    • VSC Purchase Options
  • Complete
    Enable the full online transaction

    • Incentives, F&I Menu
    • Trade + Equity Position
    • Decisions + Stips

Companies that integrate with CreditIQ

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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