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Connexus Secure

Connexus provides a secure way to share an account holder’s financial data for verification, business process acceleration, and risk mitigation. Utilizing Connexus’ transaction platform helps take the risk out of high risk merchants.

Connexus Secure
  • 3D Secure – protect merchants from NSF, chargebacks, fraud, & high return rates. 3D Secure is beneficial for all merchants, including those in low, standard & high risk categories.
  • KYC Verified – Connexus uses online banking security to keep account details out of the hands of malicious hackers and only shared with the companies client chooses.
  • Credit Cards – provide secure credit card verification services for high risk merchants for Visa & MasterCard.
  • FlashACH – gives the ability to automatically debit funds from customers bank accounts. Funds are then deposited into your business bank account. Includes it’s own virtual terminal.
Connexus Secure

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Connexus Secure

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