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ConnectBooster makes it easy for your clients to pay by integrating with ConnectWise, Autotask, QuickBooks online and on-premise, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Xero, and many more. Lastly, ConnectBooster solves invoicing issues, in four simple steps by making business look better, simplifying billing, improving cash flow, and helping grow the business.

  • Automated Variable Billing – bill the correct amount based on agreements in CRM or accounting software every time, without manually adjusting individual invoices.
  • Automated Dunning Notices – configure and automate dunning notifications to send if a customer is behind on payments. These can be specified to send after any timeframe or to exclude specific customers.
  • Automated Statements – send emails with a detailed account summary of what they were charged and the services they received.
  • Automatic Card Updater – automatically update payment information for expired or deactivated cards based on changes tracked from customers’ banks.
  • Accounting Reconciliation – match and update invoices in the accounting software and payment portal.
  • Integrated Agreement Billing – intelligently AutoPay invoices driven from monthly service agreements.
  • All Your Integrations Synced – manage all customer payments through the ConnectBooster Portal and sync information automatically.
  • Point-to-Point Encryption – using secure Payment Portal encrypts a customer’s credit card information through the whole payment cycle.
  • Data Vaul – PCI-certified encrypted data vault to hold and protect customers payment information for recurring payments.
  • Patented 3-Step Redirect – unique payment data transfer ensures that no sensitive information is ever stored on server.

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