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Conferma Ltd

Conferma Pay is a global payment technology company. Created by Co-Founders Simon and Jim Barker in 2005, Conferma Pay combines innovation and expertise to consistently find success when they push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of virtual payments. Conferma Pay connects issuers to more than 400 travel management companies, all five major global distribution systems and more than 70 corporate booking tools. Conferma Pay is fully integrated with all the major card schemes and serves more than 30 banking partners, who have issued Conferma Pay-generated virtual cards in 96 currencies across 197 countries.

  • Conferma Pay App – pay on-the-go, in-app or online with the Conferma Pay app
    Conferma Pay Online – make supplier payments flexible, more controlled and secure with unique virtual cards for each company purchase
    Conferma Pay Snap – sync and capture spend made on booking platforms, desktop or mobile, with near-real-time visibility of all virtual payment activity. Automatically reconcile purchasing and transaction data from over 45 banks and 100 purchasing platforms
    Conferma Pay Snap+ – get hotel invoices and folio collected with Conferma Pay Snap+, see the amount, date, and line item breakdown to tax level matched to each transaction
    Conferma Pay Connect – hotels set a preferred communication payment method that works best for their specific process

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