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ComFreight Haul Pay digitizes and automates the invoice payment advance process (Factoring/Quick Pay) for trucking and logistics companies. This capability can be integrated into a seamless workflow for users of any web or mobile app that’s related to trucking or logistics. The model has been proven and tested with the freight marketplace apps that ComFreight had previously developed. ComFreight is expanding its technology around automating and streamlining the payment advance and invoice factoring transaction for logistics, thus providing seamless payment advance options for trucking and logistics-focused companies.

  • Quick Pay to carrier – join HaulPay program to offer various payment speed options and automate carrier payments.
  • Automate invoicing – HaulPay can also automate the invoicing process and digitize and collate documents. Automate AP, AR and collections and save valuable time.
  • Eliminate credit risk – when client uses HaulPay’s integration to pay carriers company can also ensure that shipper customers are credit worthy and are safe to do business with.
  • Booking Load – load board integration makes it easy to post loads to a group focused channel and to find more carriers for network.
  • Posting/Editing loads – post, edit, book and dispatch loads via API. Let TMS or other software manage posts and bookings in real time.
  • Matching/Bidding on loads – when matches occur company can notify client via integration to system. Bids and Q&A can also be communicated between platforms.

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