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Check Gateway

Check Gateway, Inc is a Phoenix based company that specializes in working with ISOs, Resellers, Integrated Partners and Third-Party Senders. They only focus on ACH and check related products and services. This allows us to partner with credit card ISO’s to become their “ACH Department”. Because of their laser focus they can seamlessly provide an organization with multiple options to make their ACH processing simple, profitable and secure. Their partners find when they can focus on their best dollar generating activities and leverage their ACH processing to Check Gateway, everyone involved has less hassle and becomes more profitable.

Check Gateway
  • Customized Technology – team’s ability to fully customize a solution for client can meet the higher standards.
  • Auto Boarding – tired of waiting for ACH Processor to get accounts boarded and set up? Auto-Boarding API provides sophisticated ISO partners the ability to directly board new merchants into the ACH system.
  • Portfolio Security – because Check Gateway focuses only on ACH, client’sportfolio is secure.
  • Stability – Check Gateway has established the most stable and experienced ODFI partnerships in the industry.
Check Gateway

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Check Gateway

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