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Chargify is a billing and revenue management platform for fast-growing SaaS businesses. Founded in 2009, Chargify started out as a team within Grasshopper focused on the core needs of recurring billing. Over the past decade, Chargify has expanded its offerings to address the complexities of SaaS revenue management, with core functionalities in elastic billing, revenue operations and SaaS-tailored insights.

  • Billing – from simple subscriptions to complex usage & events-based models, make sure to have the flexibility to bill, rate, & invoice the way client wants
  • Subscription Management – from sign-up to everything that comes after, leverage structures and automation to increase customer retention, satisfaction, and growth. Then manage & view that information in any platform with integrations or API first architecture.
  • Accounting – close the books without hassle using the right level of data in whichever system client needs it. Whether to use Chargify or a separate integrated accounting tool, clients can rely on full data transparency across software stack to manage revenue.
  • Analytics – know and understand the revenue, product, and customer trends. Dive deep into the data across every role in the organization.

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