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Cashflow Insite

Cashflow INSITE™ is the only budgeting solution that offers client-advisor collaboration. Cashflow INSITE™ employs artificial intelligence techniques to recognize patterns and groupings within transaction records and suggests assignment to appropriate cash flow categories. Learning and adapting to user interaction and corrections, Cashflow INSITE™ automates the task of assigning and tracking future transactions.

Cashflow INSITE™ enables Financial Advisors to integrate client spending information into financial planning tools, and gain a better understanding of their clients’ financial situation, income, and spending. As well as improving the advisor/client relationship, advisors can help their clients find money to invest using Cashflow INSITE™ by analyzing client spending and identifying areas where changes can be made.

By using Cashflow INSITE it is possible to compare client spending, and make the identified areas for saving a reality. Lifestyle models divide a person’s spending across several broad categories, and allow the advisor and client to proactively track actual spending against desired budgetary limits. We offer a number of existing lifestyle models, or a client can create their own custom lifestyle model, which can be tailored specifically to their individual situation.

Cashflow Insite
  • Analyzing Client Spending
  • Lifestyle Models
  • Consolidated View of Credit Card and Bank Debit Transactions
  • Tracking and Categorizing Spending
  • Monitorinf and Limiting Spending
Cashflow Insite

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Redtail Technology
Redtail Technology, Inc. is the leader in Web-Based Client Relationship Management solutions for the Financial Advisor.

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Cashflow Insite

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