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Capitolis is a technology provider addressing capital market constraints in equities and foreign exchange. It connects capital with collaborative solutions to clients all over the world. The company connects market participants and transforms the efficiency frontiers of their businesses. It partners with clients to address their challenges and creatively build new opportunities around under-utilized capital.

  • Capitolis Novation – A state of the art platform with optimal connectivity for the market to automate the currently manual workflow in FX novation, we enable true risk transfer. Help mitigate inefficiencies linked to reserved regulatory capital, tightening client credit capacity, and costs resulting from the manual process
  • Capitolis Finance – by utilizing a unique, market risk-flat investment structure, Capitolis unites the demand for attractive short-term investment returns with the desire of global banks to improve their client trading franchises. This catalyzes the use of modern, technology-driven solutions to transform some of the largest and most important global financial services markets
  • Capitolis Switch – bring together clients, balance sheet providers and trade processors in a collaborative, technology-enabled fashion, to allow the most efficient providers of execution and balance sheet services to leverage their strengths and to capture new opportunities. This multi-participant model takes advantage of our purpose-built technology to accelerate growth and enhance the economic performance of the whole market

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