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Calcbench is changing the way sophisticated financial analysts and researchers access and analyze data. Using the latest technology, the company offers instant access to more than 500 million data points from over 12,000 US corporate entities. The company brings usability to the hard to find information embedded in the footnotes and maximizes your productivity. Calcbench is the market leading interactive, financial data platform powered by XBRL. All information in the company’s database is unfiltered and traceable back to its original source.


Data Sets:

  • As-Reported Face Statements
  • Standardized
  • Segments
  • Footnotes & Disclosures Text
  • Raw XBRL Database
  • Auditor Fees & Flags
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Pensions/Defined Benefit Plans
  • Summary Executive Compensation & Directors’ Compensation
  • Revisions and Restatements
  • Non-GAAP Metrics from Earnings Press Releases
  • Guidance/Outlook from Earnings Press Releases
  • Point-In-Time Standardized

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