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Brightwell is an Atlanta-based financial technology company that provides financial services, including cross-border remittance, P2P transfers and digital bank accounts, to more than 200K global workers from over 140 different countries. Brightwell’s mobile-first platform and suite of financial tools simplifies personal finances for a community that is traditionally underserved in the marketplace.

  • Multi-currency programs, including USD, EUR, AUD, and GBP.
  • In the event of a lost or damaged card, onboard printing makes replacement quick and stress-free to members.
  • Virtual terminal for cash payments to crews before leaving the ship, or as an alternative to onboard ATMs.
  • Cards personalized with each crew member’s full name for added security (and status).
  • Both Visa® and Mastercard® prepaid card options are available.
  • Onboard, follow-up focus groups led by Brightwell for additional support along the implementation journey.
  • Convenient online support ticketing system for quick and effective help if crew members have questions or need assistance with their cards or transactions.
  • Cardholders can send funds to a bank account, another crew member’s card or Companion Card, or for cash pick-up in another location.
  • Easily check balances, transactions and more.
  • Track loads and withdrawals for budgeting and money management, providing your crew with greater financial control and freedom.
  • All features can be accessed via our mobile app, including checking card balances, transferring funds between cards, or sending money to a bank account back home.
  • Cash can be lost or stolen – offer your crew increased peace of mind with the Brightwell or OceanPay card. Funds are stored securely and are protected by a number of security measures.
  • Member Support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist.
  • Enhanced security with Touch ID/Face ID.
  • Dedicated staff monitoring of transactions.
  • Zero liability for fraud. Brightwell investigates suspected cases of fraud, following all consumer protection guidelines, to ensure crew members aren’t held responsible for any unauthorized transactions.

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