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bridge21 helps individuals, businesses, and partners use digital currency to make cross-border payments. bridge21 uses the latest technologies to move money as fast as information. Using their exclusive Bridge Rate, cross-border payments can be sent around the world faster and at lower cost. bridge21’s mission is to make the future a reality today. Their service lets you send money around the world faster and at lower cost. The banking systems of the world are out of date and incompatible. They are building modern rails between these systems and speeding up the world’s financial connections.


Business Account Features:

  • Free to sign up, with no monthly charges
  • Register, pay by domestic wire or ACH, and make unlimited payments to bank accounts in Mexico with just a name and CLABE number
  • Process one-off and batch payments, or automate via API
  • Pay recipients through the national payment system in Mexico, not international wires, saving time and money
  • Access direct support from team of in-house experts

Features for Individuals:

  • Create an Account – sign in with Facebook or create a username and password
  • Link Bank Account – securely log in to bank account, or send a wire transfer for higher transfer limits.
  • Get a Quote – enter the amount to send in USD or MXN and company will do the math, with our low fee included
  • Send Money – in 4 to 5 business days, money is deposited straight into the recipient’s bank account

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