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Boloro Global Limited

Boloro Global Limited is a Delaware, USA corporation with its headquarters in New York City and wholly-owned subsidiaries and offices in the UAE and India. The Boloro Authentication process has been patented in 84 countries, including the USA, Canada and European Union. In addition to Boloro Authentication, Boloro’s offerings include platforms for payments, eCommerce, lotteries, rewards and gaming.


Boloro Authentication is multi-factor, multi-channel and compatible with all smart and feature phones, making the process ideal for identity verification and transaction validation in connection with banking, payments, eCommerce and other use cases. Boloro leverages the physical phone you possess, memorized PIN/Password you know and messaging over the secure signaling channel of the mobile network, avoiding the Internet and Operating System. The patented authentication process seamlessly layers on top of applications, providing security that is immediate and user-friendly.

Boloro Authentication meets the Secure Customer Authentication requirements of Europe’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and other regulatory requirements. Deployment is easy via APIs with local hosting, data control and branding. Boloro eliminates fraud and helps to stop COVID-19 by enabling safe, secure activity on your mobile phone, avoiding contact with ATM keypads and Point of Sale devices. Boloro Authentication has been implemented with customers of all sizes in markets worldwide, and can easily be integrated to secure any use case.


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