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Blytz is THE natural financial progression in making the customer a priority. The mobile pay technology company was created to simplify payment processing for companies of all sizes utilizing technology in the most contemporary of ways. The intent is for every busy customer to receive individual interaction that values their ability to control and respond in the modern age. Blytz as an organization is resolutely dedicated to enriching each business’s customer interactions by simplifying the process. Then, delivered to the business, is useable response data specific to each business’s performance criterion. These actionable metrics, or Key Performance Indicators have become known as Blytz Mode™ and are an unequivocal way to measure success.

  • Text customers directly – mobile invoicing gets the bill to customer quickly, easily, and efficiently, shortening the payment cycle by an average of 8 days
  • Collect payments multiple ways – when your customers can pay by card, check, cash or a combination of each, they are more likely to pay fast and in full.
  • Keep in close touch with customers – сommunication is key, and we’re simplifying it. Reach customers right in their pocket through quick and streamlined text communication.
  • Invoicing, collections and customer service all in one place – сombining the communication power of text with the ability to pay through text gives customers the tools they need all in one place.
  • Document your interactions – using technology to document invoicing, collection and customer service allows to keep detailed records of your communications with every customer.

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