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Bento for Business

Bento’s mission is to provide SMBs with a powerful financial operating platform so they can further their vision, empower their employees and create value for their customers. Bento’s platform allows businesses to issue payment credentials to people and systems without introducing risk. Bento’s virtual and corporate cards and feature-rich management tools give companies unprecedented control and visibility over company expenses, eliminating fraud and administrative overhead. Virtual Cards, open APIs, and White Label partnerships extend these enterprise-grade benefits to automate payments well beyond employee expenses.

Bento for Business
  • Corporate Cards – build your expense policy into corporate cards with detailed spending controls for each employee.
  • Virtual Cards – generate and assign virtual cards in your account. Instant and secure access.
  • Bento Pay™ – send and track digital payments to any business using just their email address.
  • Spending Limits – Bento’s simple but powerful card controls could make a surprisingly big difference to bottom line
  • Analytics and Reports – real-time in-app monitoring and monthly statements ensure accuracy and control. This visibility helps control budget and make better forecasts.
Bento for Business

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Bento for Business

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