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BaySys Tech

Baysys Technology, LLC was one of the first firms to offer outsourced data management on Advent’s Axys and other Portfolio Management systems. We have 25 years experience working with advisors, and specialize in data management/reconciliation, back office operations, front office reporting, custom reporting, automation and custom development. We also create other ancillary products to help you leverage your investment in your portfolio management system, such as billing, performance validation and other utilities that “cleanse” custodial data prior to importing into your PMS to correct errors.

BaySys has developed a billing system for advisors and broker/dealers called “BARS” (Billing And Reporting Solution). BARS handles complex billing scenarios such as family aggregation, deducting the fee from other accounts, creating custodial upload files, payouts to other interested parties, and provides a host of management reporting on your accounts so you can see how much revenue is really being generated from certain relationships.

BaySys has developed many utility programs that help integrate disparate systems, moving/reformatting data, electronically reading custodial data files and applying business rules to change or correct data.

  • Outsourcing
  • Billing And Reporting Solution
  • Rebalancing Utility
  • Market Data

Companies that integrate with BaySys Technology

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

FinFolio makes portfolio management software for investment advisors and professional wealth managers.

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