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Baton Systems

Baton Systems is the fastest, on-demand, highly secure clearing and settlement platform – bringing a new level of efficiency to the payments infrastructure across the capital markets.

Baton Systems

• Integrates with internal systems, via APIs, without the need to overhaul existing internal infrastructure
• Captures settlement obligations across multiple legal entities
• On-demand, rules-driven engine contains a dashboard that monitors and tracks obligations, payment and end settlement of funds
• Enables clients to benefit from netting and splitting opportunities
• Baton connects to CCPs, aggregating and normalizing intraday data
• Provides real-time visibility into excess/deficit calculations, collateral posted and clearing house specific eligibility, haircuts and risk thresholds
• Automated rules-based engine provides the interface to initiate pledge, recall or substitute instructions
• Seamlessly and accurately transfer assets internally—between entities, geographies or front offices, in any currency—to drive more profitable funding results
• Synchronize and accelerate payments with DVP & PVP for any type of obligation, including brokerage fees and financing
• Automate workflows and reduce risk, supported by a rulebook to confirm agreed parameters

Baton Systems

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Baton Systems

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