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BASYS Processing

BASYS Processing makes accepting credit cards and debit cards convenient, safe & affordable. BASYS Processing provides services and solutions that include countertop, mobile and virtual terminals, as well as e-commerce and point-of-sale, customized to fit any need.

BASYS Processing

Surcharging Pro
Not all businesses have the cash margins to afford processing fees. Surcharging Pro, our card-not-present (CNP) program is designed to allow your customers to use their preferred payment method for CNP purchases, without the need for your business to take on additional costs. This program allows you to pass those processing costs on to the customers who pay with a credit card, potentially saving you thousands of dollars a year.

ProPay can enable your business to accept credit cards and handle your ACH processing.

The Clover Capital program helps you by turning your future credit card sales into working capital. Imagine what that could mean for your business. You can upgrade or purchase new equipment, make renovations, expand your business, purchase inventory and much more.

BASYS Processing

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BASYS Processing

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