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BanQu is the blockchain Economic Identity technology that enables a secure and immutable platform for creating economic opportunities for people around the world living in extreme poverty. BanQu platform uses a proprietary method to create a mashup of selfie plus iris scan for people with no access to technology or banking. This Economic Identity then can be augmented by critical pieces of information such as land rights, voter registration, relationship-based credit profiles, and health records, etc. While the uses cases are infinite, BanQu is focused on solutions in the areas of the refugee crisis, food / medical / payroll distribution in conflict zones and increasing revenue streams for social enterprises via diaspora capital participation.

  • Leading supply chain platform – the first ever platform connection supply chains: originator to consumer to recycler
  • Profitability – save on sourcing and lift category sales at the same time
  • Transparency – a secure and auditable record of every transaction
  • Implementation – go live in 2 weeks – even in the toughest places on earth
  • Sustainability – global, profitable and impact-drive sourcing

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