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BankTEL Systems

BankTEL Systems is the industry leading compliant financial accounting software solution. They help financial institutions cut costs, increase deposits, and automate their internal processes. With over 20 years serving financial institutions, BankTEL Systems, is the premier provider of financial accounting software solutions. With more than 1,500 clients in all 50 states and multiple international locations, BankTEL has a number of offerings to help financial institutions cut costs, increase deposits and automate their internal processes.

BankTEL Systems
  • Accounts Payable – effortlessly schedule transactions and pay bills with a completely automated process
  • Fixed Assets – track and maintain a complete book and tax asset schedule for your financial institution
  • Prepaid & Accruals – automate setup and tracking of monthly prepaid and accrual items
  • Data Access Control – rovide visibility into all aspects of ASCEND to your management team, while securing the information to include only their assigned branches
  • Multi-company – ASCEND offers an unlimited number of companies or paying institutions in one database. Each company has its own set of users and permissions with the ability to interface to their respective General Ledgers
  • Inter-company – when having more than one company, ASCEND allows for an invoice to be paid from one company but split the expense of that invoice to other companies GL. This feature saves countless manual entries or tickets
  • Invoice Import – ASCEND offers the ability to import a file into Accounts Payable that will prepopulate invoices into the software. You can use this feature to created hundreds of invoices in just a few moments
  • Credit Card Import – the ASCEND Credit Card Import is a feature that allows banks to import one file of credit card transactions into the Expense Report Reimbursement app which will, in turn, create individual credit card expense reports for employees to review so that these expense reports can be submitted for approval
BankTEL Systems

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BankTEL Systems

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